Year of the Dog 2018 – predictions for all zodiac signs

The Year of the Dog is a time to undertake important things. It will not be an entirely peaceful year. Expect changes in life and be careful. There will be major realignments politically — coups, revolution, prospects of war and catastrophe. Action and change are favored in the Year of the Dog.

The Year of the Dog is an auspicious year for Tigers, Dragons, Horses, Monkeys, and Dogs. It is a difficult year for Oxen and Roosters. Those born in the Year of the Boar should beware of their finances. Snakes and Rams should beware of relationships. Rats and Rabbits would do well to stay in the background.

The following are forecasts for the individual signs in the Year of the Dog.

The Rat

This is an insecure, moderate year, with many political and social changes taking place around you. Take it easy, relax, and keep your eyes open — you might learn something! Take no risks. Seek counsel before making major decisions in the Year of the Dog.

The Ox

Take stock and make tough decisions based upon what you want to achieve. Results and rewards are not immediately evident, but don’t become discouraged. There will be opposition from many sources. Take no unnecessary risks or drastic measures; be mighty careful. The Dog influence causes turbulence, unrest and insane activity. There is so much going on, so many choices, that your survival depends on your ability to take a back seat and wait out the craziness.

The Dog

This is your year — enjoy! In the next two years you must decide how you plan to shape the next decade of your existence. Things will go smoothly this year to help you on your way. Others will come to your aid. Don’t waste time — use your good luck wisely. You will be extra charming this year so take advantage of it — seduce and fall in love at least once. You may spend beyond your means or be unable to save money. There is romance and new friendships on the horizon. Don’t take risks or make long-term commitments, however.

The Rabbit

Stay flexible through upheavals and changes coming your way in a year of conflicts and controversy. Take care with contracts or promises. Shift your viewpoint and accept change; you must regain confidence in yourself. The first half of the year should be spent waiting for developments; don’t contemplate any major changes. Examine propositions carefully, and then follow the cash flow. Take a sentimental journey at the end of the year.

The Dragon

This will be an activity-packed year — shine, shout and make merry! Be enterprising — start a new business or job. Take a trip; money should be plentiful. You may be publically recognized for a heroic act. Don’t be snobby, proud, or drop names and all should go well. You may find this a worrying or taxing time as it is difficult to please everybody. You may be forced to choose between opposing camps. Stay on course and things will work out; calm will return before the fall. Your home life may be disturbed by sad news or the departure of a member.

The Snake

This is a year of small accidents and quirky twists of fate that try your patience. You must compromise your beloved inactivity and join the mad race. You may be easily drawn into conflicts and find it is hard to please people at home or work. Keep your sense of humor and don’t engage in senseless acts of revenge. If you follow this course you will receive the help you seek and avoid major upheavals. This would be a good year to spend in meditation!

The Horse

This should be a moderately happy year with no health problems, lots of entertainment and additional expenses. You will meet new and fascinating people, and romance is on the horizon. This is your time to be successful, strong, independent, and in love! There may be upsets and upheaval, but you should have no trouble adapting; expect to see advances in your personal and professional life. Focus on your goals and don’t let people try to take advantage of you. Spend money to make money; this is a good year for you to invest in both yourself and capital. Disputes and broken friendships may result from you losing your temper. Your lover may stray — keep your head or you’re sure to lose.

The Ram

This is an unbalanced year of mixed blessings and many challenges. There are new and beneficial contacts at work. Your family life will be calm, but you may experience trouble with relatives. Try to stay out of harm’s way and don’t push your luck — patience! If you’re ready to compete you will gain recognition in the form of fame, knowledge or happiness, but not necessarily monetary gain.

The Monkey

This is a very happy year for the Monkey, but you may be lazy, caught off-guard or suscepible to aggression from the outside. Look out for the reappearance of former foes and allies who will lend you power. Be conservative. Affairs of the heart could be turbulent. Consolidate your resources; use perserverance and understanding.

The Rooster

This eventful and exciting year may drive you crazy! There is no rest. Sharpen your wits, remain adaptable and accessible, and keep up or risk failure. You will be lucky with money this year. Business ventures could produce good results, but do not be overoptimistic.

The Tiger

Enter into battle with your head held high — your projects are favored! Your love life improves too, but don’t believe everything you hear. This should be a moderately happy year in which you will meet new friends, rediscover old contacts, and find new loves. Examine the details before making a commitment. Be careful about spending and don’t take things at face value. Friends and family will make many demands; don’t let them take advantage of you.

The Pig

Stand back, wait and assess the situation carefully before taking action. Be careful and conservative; there will be much change. Pack your suitcases! Reform everything but don’t get your expectations up or you’ll be disappointed if things don’t pan out. This is a difficult time to borrow money or have it repaid. Many unexpected expenses, fines, legal fees, or extra taxes could materialize. Be careful about trusting associates; attend to important matters yourself.